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When we say personalized service we mean it!

Our Representatives LISTEN and make note of the details that are IMPORTANT TO YOU .

…'For the student model FV90,the “Vitale” the appearance of the varnish is especially of interest to my customers. My representative remember my requests, and check each instrument before my order is shipped.’

…' the overall finish work upon delivery, the set up, such as the bridge position, strings, and fine tune mount. ..it’s nice to know that consistency will be present each time that I receive my inventory from FirePhoenix Strings’

…’All the features of the accessories, such as, the YKK Zipper on the case are specifically selected to make the student case more durable. I no longer have to address the sticking zipper complaint, and the cases last longer on my rental instruments too!’

…’Knowing that Firephoenix Strings stand by their product is reassuring, although, I have never had to exchange an instrument yet!’

Our company knows you as individuals!

That’s another way we set ourselves apart, by knowing your specific needs.


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